Tracking & Wheel Alignment in Milton Keynes

2 Wheel Tracking
inc VAT
4 Wheel 3D Laser Alignment
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Vehicle Heroes offers competitive fixed price tracking (also known as wheel alignment) in Milton Keynes for cars and vans.

We use the latest tracking technology. If your tracking is out it can affect your road holding, increases tyre wear, increases wear on suspension parts and increases fuel consumption. So, it’s both a safety and money issue!

We offer both…

  • Front wheel alignment – which should be parallel and resolves most issues
  • Four wheel laser alignment to ensure both axles (all 4 wheels) are setup exactly as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, giving you a before and after print for your vehicle

Typical Signs of Tracking Needing Correcting

  • Unevenly worn tyres
  • Vehicle veering to one side consistently, especially when brakes are applied
  • Steering wheel not being straight

Tracking means the precise angle and direction your tyres are set at. Tracking can go out of alignment when you hit the kerb or go over potholes too fast.