Hero Standard Car & Van Servicing in Milton Keynes

Friendly, Quick, Honest and Convenient Garage Service in Milton Keynes for all Cars and Vans at a Competitive Price. A garage service will keep your vehicle safe, ensure it keeps running correctly, increase reliability, increase fuel economy and help maximise the resale value of your vehicle.


Prices shown are for most vehicles and include parts, labour and VAT

Up to 60% Off Main Dealer Prices!

When Booking a Service, an MOT can be added for just £20

Interim Service
inc VAT
Price For Most vehicles
Full Service
inc VAT
Price For Most vehicles
Major Service
inc VAT
Price For Most vehicles

Please note prices shown are for most vehicles and include 5 Litres of oil, if additional oil is required, charged at £6 per litre inc vat.

For some vehicles where speciality oils or parts are more expensive we may have to make an additional charge but will advise you in advance and there will still be massive savings on main dealer prices.

Book online, call, text, email or send a spaceship, we don’t mind!

How Heroes do Servicing in Milton Keynes

  • Free Customer Drop Off & Collection For any service/repair over £150, we can drop you off at work, home or wherever you need and pick you up again after. Applies to within 5 miles approx of the garage.
  • A Warm Welcome – family run garage, friendly and “genuine” honest people who will treat you like family (but always with respect!) and take the time to understand your needs
  • Massive Savings on Main Dealer Prices with Your Warranty Maintained – under EU regulations you no longer need to take your vehicle to a main dealer to maintain its warranty, so we can offer you massive savings over main dealer prices. Just let us know in advance if you need to maintain any manufacturer’s warranty so we can make sure the appropriate service and parts are supplied - different pricing may apply.
  • All Makes & Models – our highly trained technicians can service any vehicle
  • High Grade Oils used on all servicing
  • Easy Parking plenty of free parking spaces directly outside the front of the garage
  • Honesty and Integrity – we’re on a mission to NEVER take advantage of customers with a lack of vehicle knowledge, everyone here knows to treat customers like we would like our own family or ourselves to be treated, we want your business for life
  • Service Book Always Stamped – to help maintain your warranty and maximise your resale value
  • Photographic Evidence – we’ll happily give you photographic or video evidence of any faults and always show you the old parts replaced
  • Get Fixed Prices in Advance – We put prices on our website and always try to give a price for repairs. If it’s not possible because investigation is required or there is potential for further issues, we charge an hourly rate but can agree a maximum number of hours so you don't get a surprise bill.
  • Servicing While You Wait – if you wish we have a relaxing customer waiting area with complimentary hot drinks and biscuits, free WI-FI, retro arcade machine for kids and adults, television, magazines and customer toilets

Service Schedules

All prices include parts, labour and VAT

Interim ServiceFull ServiceMajor Service
Price (for most vehicles)£108£218£268
Recommended every6 months or 6000 miles12 months or 12000 miles24 months or 24000 miles
Option to add MOT for £20!
Apply Vehicle Heroes service protection kit
Check anything reported by customer
Check brakes for pull and judder
Check steering for pull and vibration
Check clutch for slip and judder
Check front/rear windscreen wiper condition & operation
Check windscreen washer operation
Check handbrake operation
Check horn
Check gauges, instruments & warning lights
Check front windscreen for cracks and chips
Check cabin lights
Check mirrors – internal and external
Check headlight washer system
Check seat belts front and rear (excluding child seats if fitted)
Check exhaust smoke – visual – diesel
Check main lights – front, rear and side
Check hazard lights and indicators
Check reversing and brake lights
Check fog and number plate lights
Check number plate condition
Check headlamp condition
Check fuel cap condition
Check door & lock operation
Check clutch biting point
Carry out engine management scan if any warning lights
Check for oil leaks – visual
Check brake pads for wear – visual
Check brake pipes for leaks & damage – visual
Check wheel and tyre condition plus tread depth
Check and adjust tyre pressure
Remove and refit wheels – check discs and pads for wear and damage
Check condition of road springs – visual
Check wheel cylinders/calipers for damage & operation – visual
Check steering gaiters, joints & dust covers for wear/damage
Check shock absorbers for leakage – visual
Remove and refit brake drums – check shoes and drums for wear and damage
Check wheel bearings for excessive play and noise
Check and torque all wheel nuts
Check underside body for damage/corrosion/unsecure parts
Check exhaust system for leaks and security
Check fuel system including filter, pipes & tank if visible
Check visible coolant hoses for leaks/damage
Check for coolant leak – visual
Check ignition leads (petrol only)
Test battery and security
Test alternator for charging and security
Check radiator & cap for leaks/damage
Check expansion bottle & cap for leaks/damage
Check auxiliary drive belt condition and tension
Test brake fluid
Drain old engine oil and refill with premium branded oil per manufacturers spec*
Top up screen wash with additive if required
Top up coolant with antifreeze to max levels
Check brake/clutch fluid condition, top up to max level
Check/top up power steering fluid
Change oil filter and sump plug washer
Change air filter
Change fuel filter
Check pollen filter
Replace spark plugs (not speciality) – petrol vehicle
Lubricate battery terminals – if visible
Lubricate accessible door hinges and latches if needed
Lubricate bonnet catch if needed
Check bonnet closed correctly
Reset service light if possible
Stamp service book
Check timing/cam belt replacement interval from service records
Road Test

*Please note prices shown are for most vehicles and include 5 Litres of oil, if additional oil is required, charged at £6 per litre inc vat.
For some vehicles where speciality oils or parts are more expensive we may have to make an additional charge but will advise you in advance and there will still be massive savings on main dealer prices.

All services are backed up by our unique 100% No Quibble Take-it-to Superman Money Back Guarantee with all services carrying a 12 month or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) guarantee on labour and parts.

Recommended Service Frequency

This can vary by make, model, age and mileage but we generally recommend your vehicle has…

  • an interim service every 6000 miles or 6 months (whichever is sooner) especially if you use it for lots of short journeys in and around town
  • full service every 12,000 miles or every year, whichever comes sooner
  • major service every 24,000 miles or 2 years, whichever is sooner

Manufacture scheduled servicing can be quoted on request. We just need your vehicle registration number and last service details.